Sunday, November 23, 2008

My New Office

I need some stuff for the walls and a plant. We should swap prints. Holler if you are into it.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Our New Backyard

Jamie and I went on a hike this weekend. For the first time in just about two months, we managed to get outside of the city limits and into some fresh, if not wet and cold, mountain air. What we thought would be a nice hike up a creek turned into the discovery of a 30 foot waterfall. Water sprayed and wind whipped as the water exploded off of the earth probably ten feet in front of us. My mind kept racing back to the falls in Costa Rica and how, though these falls were surely smaller, it seemed much more wild and dangerous...truly a spirit of the west moment. We both stood there until our clothes were wet from the spray.

Free Speech, or is it Right to Assembly?

Monday, November 3, 2008

Fruit Vendor, The Ballard Market

Halloween 2000

Sadly, I didn't take any pictures at Beckys. Critical Mass was sweet though.

A Different Sort of Product

Every now and then, American ingenuity will create something that blurs the line between brilliance and insanity. Most of the time, it is the novelty of the product that pushes into the mainstream. Take purple ketchup, for example. Someone at Heinz really liked that idea and eventually the company spent millions on what is widely regarded as a huge flop.
Taking a cue from the wild food mixing tendencies of Americans, two young entrepreneurs from the Seattle Area have been pushing a product called Bacon Salt for some time now. The slogan, which sums up their unique outlook on cuisine, reads "Everything Should Taste Like Bacon." While this rings true for some people, there are probably an equal amount who disagree.
In the spirit of this product and requests from their constituency, they delve further into what could be called a more trashy form of fusion cuisine. Last Thursday, Ben and Chelsea and I attended the product release party of Baconnaise - mayonnaise that tastes like bacon. This party featured free blts, drinks garnished with bacon, and mayonnaise wrestling with a bacon vs. mayo main event. That last bit caused Jamie to draw the line.
What we didn't know was that it was closely related to the Seattle Semi Pro Wrestling organization. We got to see Kung Fu Banana take on Domestic Violence. It was awesome.
The whole ordeal was quite an experience. You can read Ben's write up here. On to the pictures.

Katie, Slide Projector, Halloween Party

Glass Blowing

In a trade for a nice fruit bowl, I shot some pictures of Mikey at work at the Glass House.