Friday, December 19, 2008

Urban Continuity, or How to Not Sell Out

I love whoever owns this house.

Snowy Seattle

I went for a walk this morning to catch some of the good light. Well, also partly to shake off the effects of one too many Jolly Rogers with Ben, then again drinking two is one too many.

Life as a Second Shooter

I had the pleasure of assisting Alex Rubin at Kristan and Sheena's beautiful south Seattle Wedding. It was cold, but lots of fun. For the last month and a half, I have been interning with Alex part time. After going through countless images at his home studio, it was awesome to get out into the field and put in some camera time. Plus, he was test-driving the 5D MkII on this shoot, which makes everything better.

A Long Goodbye at Seatac

The End of a Quarter

This is my friend Dan. He is really good at darts. Especially when he throws them backwards.

Things Have Been Well