Monday, December 24, 2007

Chicago to Detroit cont'd

Fenster's girlfriend Megan, whom i have not had the pleasure of meeting, has one of the sweetest apartments i have ever seen. the windows are huge and its on the top floor and the fan looks like this in her room.

Paul Myers influenced cityscape.

we took a 5 hour bus ride back to michigan at 830 in the morning. Here is the feez in ann arbor. Would have posted some of these last night but i was busy drinking beer. we went to an irish pub called the Galway Arms which fenster says is one of the only places that actual irish people frequent. the bartender, who came over seven years ago said he was from northern ireland. this prompted fenster to ask, 'do you mean the british part?' he gave us a dirty look to say the least. He says chicago is the greatest city in the world. I thought that was only something my grandpa said.

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nice to see you finally have your site up and going...nice images.