Sunday, March 2, 2008

Down and Out

As in, under the radar. As in, slow moving. Sick as a dog, is the term that comes to mind. I am sure that must spell it out for you by now. On our travels in Jackson, the weary group of us picked up a deathspell and have been nearly bedridden for the past week. Looking back, I can honestly say that was the most severe bout of sickness I have faced in years. Years! Anyway, I think the push of the past session as well as the excitement of other events currently happening in my life have played a factor in weakening my immune system before heading up to the high country. Of course, it could have just been the partying. Regardless, it sure is a fun place.


Troy Harvey said...

nice pix dude!

Tiffany Israel said...

Love the images, especially the campfire one! The streaks of light from the embers flying up, very very cool! What are you taking next session?