Monday, November 15, 2010

Ingrid+Eric, Married, Rattlesnake Lake, North Bend, WA

I met Ingrid and Eric at a coffee shop in Queen Anne sometime over the winter. They were not sure about all of the details for their fall wedding, however they knew they wanted a photographer who was up to camp overnight in the cascade foothills with their families. Was I game? Absolutely!
Fast forward 9 months and I joined them out at the Cedar River Education Center at Rattlesnake Lake. I photographed their intimate ceremony, followed by food, cake, good conversation and dancing. Eventually, we made our way to the Denny Creek Campground up near Snoqualmie Pass for a campfire, stealth frisbee games, and a few stories.
After a quick breakfast on Sunday Morning, we took off for the ledge, Ingrid and Eric with their wedding gear, me with my cameras. There was a small crowd at the top, most of whom were shocked to see a bride and groom emerge on the precipice. We made a few images and hiked on down.

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