Monday, December 14, 2009

Paul and Suzannah, How to Cook a Wolf, Seattle, WA

After finishing up a wine making internship in the Napa Valley, my cousin Paul and his girlfriend Suzannah stopped up here before taking a road trip across our great country. Inspired by the recent Ken Burns project on the National Park System, these two will head to the southwest and then over to New Orleans on their way to New York, stopping at a multitude of parks along the way. To say that Jamie and I are jealous of their trip would be an understatement. Our fathers and their small group of friends have done their best to instill a sense of respect for the natural world in us since we were children, and I think all of us have in some way taken those lessons and made them our own.
I digress. Their visit was too short all together. We made up skits, made some bread, ate some fantastic food, and hit up a few great places to take photos all over the city. This image comes from one of Seattle's finest small plate dining experiences (thanks Uncle Barry!), How to Cook a Wolf. These two are destined for great things. Safe travels!

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